Gutbrod Coatings Fluoropolymer Chemical Resistant


Gutbrod can offer a wide range of Fluropolymer coatings for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Abrasive and Process industries. Their facility in Germany is equipped to handle process equipment up to 7 ton in weight and 9 meters in diameter.

Coatings available in:

  • PFA – Up to 1.5mm thickness (depending on component size), thermally stable up to 260°C , also available anti-static
  • Abrasion-resistant PFA - Up to 0.7mm thickness, excellent bonding to substrate
  • PFA Ultra – Up to 1.5mm thickness , outstanding resistance to permeation, also available anti-static
  • ETFE Ultra – Up to 2.0mm thickness, economical solution when compared to PFA, FDA certified
  • ETFE Nova – Variable thickness up to 2.0mm, excellent bonding to other substrates, excellent permeation, FDA certified


Size Options
Up to 7 ton in weight and 9 meters in diameter
Lining Materials
ETFE Ultra +, PFA Edlon, PFA Ultra, PTFE Teflon, Abrasion Resistant PFA, ECTFE, ETFE Nova
Special Applications
Excellent non-stick properties
Excellent chemical resistance
Abrasion resistant
Non flammable
Suitable for vacuum
FDA Certified

Ram Universal

RAM UNIVERSAL LTD. are a privately owned company, who have been providing high-quality valves and flow control solutions to industry, since 1982.

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