SURELINE & Armylor Lined Pipe Systems PTFE/PFA Lined Pipe & Fittings


SURELINE & Armylor range of products relies upon two fluorpolymer materials, selected for their similar chemical and heat resistant properties as well as their specific manufacturing characteristics. As a basic rule, PTFE is used to line pipe and PFA is used to line fittings. Variations and exceptions exist.

The full range of fittings, whether manufactured by casting or fabrication, are all dimensioned to the relevant specification (ANSI B16.5 150# or 300# or DIN 2484). Housings dimensioned to ANSI 150# can also be supplied with flanges to BS 10 and BS 4504.

Fabrication of spools is carried out generally to the requirements of ANSI B31.3, with the modifications required to suit lining processes and service constraints.

Fittings are available:

  • Lined 45 degree Elbow
  • Lined 90 degree Elbow
  • Lined Equal Tee
  • Lined Equal Cross
  • Lined Reducing Flange
  • Lined Instrument Tee
  • Lined Centric Reducer
  • Lined Ecentric Reducer


Size Options
1/2" to 24" / DN15 to DN600
Liner Materials
PTFE & PFA Virgin, PTFE & PFA Conductive
Body Materials
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, SG Iron

Ram Universal

RAM UNIVERSAL LTD. are a privately owned company, who have been providing high-quality valves and flow control solutions to industry, since 1982.

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