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VYC 191 Y-filter

Product Description

Enables the filtration and accumulation of suspended solid particles, dragged by fluids, for their subsequent removal. In this way, we protect water control and regulation equipment underneath the filter and prevent collateral damage.

Works with: steam, hot and superheated water, thermal oil, process water, gases, glycol, compressed air, neutral fluids, etc.

Applications in: processing industry, shipbuilding, air conditioning systems, thermal oil installations and systems, vacuum installations, etc. In accordance with the requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU.

Technical Specification

Size Options
1/4" - 2"
All of the components are numbered, registered and controlled. If it is previously requested, the filter will be accompanied
by certificates for materials, strains, tests and performance, as well as the instruction manual in accordance with
E.P.D. 2014/68/EU
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