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Job Opportunity: Area Sales Manager

8th Jan 2024

Following an exceptional 2023, RAM are looking for an additional external salesperson to join our growing team. Ideally this candidate will be based in the Midlands, North East or South of England but we can be flexible for the right candidate. This person should have experience in valves or an adjacent industry and is ready to proactively engage with new, high-profile customers.


RAM has been family owned since 1982 and our values reflect this. If you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch.


Key Responsibilities:

Proactive sales outreach to new and existing customers:

Maximise presence in multiple sectors by promoting RAM’s products and services.

Customer Sales and Technical Discussions/Negotiations:

Proactively engage in insightful discussions with customers to understand their needs and preferences.

Conduct negotiations to ensure customer satisfaction and successful sales transactions.

Supplier Discussions/Negotiations:

Communicate effectively with suppliers to secure favourable terms and maintain strong relationships.

Negotiate agreements to optimise procurement processes and enhance collaboration.

Site Installation/Problem Solving:

Occasionally you may need to oversee site installations, addressing challenges and ensuring successful problem resolution.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement effective solutions on-site.

Technical Evaluations & Customer Specification:

Conduct technical evaluations to align products with customer specifications.

Ensure a clear understanding of customer requirements and provide accurate technical support.

Project Management/Preparation:

Manage projects efficiently, from initiation to completion, ensuring timely delivery.

Collaborate with internal teams to prepare comprehensive project plans and documentation.

Quote Technical Preparation:

Sometimes you may be required to prepare accurate and competitive quotes for potential customers.

Collaborate with the sales team to align quotes with customer needs and company capabilities. Communicate to clarify specifications when handing over an enquiry for quotation.


To apply, please email with your Cover Letter & CV.

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