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Corrosion Resistant

For Projects

  • All required PTFE/ PFA lined pipework, pumps, valves and fittings
  • Support from our UK technical team
  • Unmatched UK delivery times
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For Maintenance & Critical Situation Support

  • Urgent requirements within 24 to 72 hours
  • Significant UK stocks
  • Broad range of PTFE/ PFA lined pipes, valves & fittings
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Standards & Certification

Our PTFE/PFA solutions comply with all relevant UK, US, European and Global standards for handling corrosive materials

Quality Assurance

Every component is pressure tested and spark tested. Certificates are provided.

Our Major Clients Include

Our Technology Partners

Reliable, innovative and high quality PTFE/PFA lined solutions for more than 30 years

Complete Range of Fluoropolymer Equipment

PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings

From DN15 (1/2”) to DN1600 (64”) Mersen are expert in:

  • PTFE paste extrusion for spools & expansion joints
  • PTFE isostatic molding for large tees & elbows
  • PFA injection molding for smaller items

PTFE Dip pipes

  • Mersen’s carbon steel dip pipes are lined inside and out with PTFE extruded liner and are custom designed to your requirements

PTFE Manifolds and special items

  • Carbon and stainless steel manifolds are lined with an isostatic molding of PTFE. Multi inlet/outlet devices can be custom-manufactured

PTFE/PFA Jacketed piping

  • Jacketed Pipes & fittings are PTFE or PFA lined for
    heating and cooling of fluids
  • Based on standard pipes & fittings, each component is
    covered by a double jacket steel housing.

More than 60 years’  
chemically resistant  
pumps & valve

Complete range of plastic-lined, chemical process and speciality pumps, shut-off, control and safety valves. For use with difficult fluids, regardless of whether they are corrosive, hazardous, pure or ultrapure, at operating temperatures ranging from -60 degC to 200 degC.

Chemical Process Pumps

  • Flow rates of up to 600 m3/h, heads of up to 150 m LC
    and temperatures of -60 to 200 °C
  • Lining materials are PFA, PTFE and PE-UHMW as well as
    PFA-L (antistatic)
  • Mechanically sealed and magnetic drive available

Valves and Control Equipment

  • A comprehensive range of corrosion-resistant shut-off,
    safety, sampling and check valves, sight glasses as well
    as control equipment for control and shut-off functions
  • Lining materials are PFA, PTFE